aIMG_7569If you’re reading this page you probably have plans to get married and are looking for a wedding planner, well first of all congratulations, there is certainly an exciting time ahead !
If you’re just starting out I’m sure you must be asking yourselves many questions such as :
Where do we start?
With our busy lives how on earth are we going to find at least 200 hours do all the organisation ?
Not living in the place we want to marry, who can advise, who can help and who can be our on site contact?

  • And what about the language barrier ?
  • What does the paperwork involve ?
  • What will be the cost of all the service providers ?
  • How can we be sure not to forget anything ?
  • How do we know who the real proffessionals are and where do we find them ?
  • How can we be sure that they will suit our style and budget and that we will get the wedding we dream of ?
  • Where do we get ideas, what about the ones we already have and who can put them together ?
  • On the day, how do we know that things will run smoothly and that we will be relaxed enough to enjoy every minute of our special day? Who will manage any changes and what if anything unexpected happens?

My role as a wedding planner is to answer all of these questions and much more, whether you’re planning on a civil, religious or symbolique wedding and you would like it to be modern, vintage, fairytale, elegant, refined, country or beach style, I will make sure that together we will create the wedding of your dreams and that all the preparations will be organised in a happy and relaxed atmosphere so that all goes exactly to plan on your wedding day.
If you’ve already done most of the organising and just want relax and enjoy your big day then my coordination service will be just right for you.
How de we proceed ?
After a first contact either by email or telephone, I will send you a questionnaire so that I can get an idea of the type of wedding you would like and what your expectations are. Following this and if it’s possible we will fix a face to face meeting, if not then skype is a good option. The first meeting with absolutely no obligation is very important, firstly to get to know each other because if you decide to hire me as your wedding planner we are going to be spending a lot of time together either in person or by phone so it’s essential that you feel comfortable with me and at ease to ask any questions that you have. Secondly it allows me to get a better idea of your personalities in order to send you a personalized quote for a made to mesure service.
Why should we choose Liz and Special Occasions ?

  • Every wedding is made to mesure
  • I am your unique contact
  • I have many years experience
  • I have worked in this part of the world for such a long time that I obviously know most of the venues and service providers, needless to say that my contact list is quite long.

You will always have the choice of service providers and everything to do with the wedding, it’s your wedding and my job to ensure that it’s exactly THE WEDDING you want.
My fees are clearly defined in a personalized quote, you pay directly the chosen service providers making it much easier to keep an eye on your budget.
There’s no limit on the number of meetings, telephone calls or emails, each wedding is different and it’s unthinkable to fix a limit for such an important day.

If you have the time and to give you a better idea, I invite you to visit my portfolio page, there you can read recommendations and take a look at some of my different wedding clips.
If you like what you see, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly,
Hope to hear from you soon to talk about what will be one of the most important days of your life.