Make the most of your Special Day!

You are planning your wedding Congratulations!

You know who you want to invite, Great!!
You have an idea of the sort of wedding you want, Wonderful!!!
You know the place where you want to get married, Fantastic!!!!


Do you have the time or are you too far away to:

Look for the venue for your special occasion
Select the caterers to match your wedding theme
Locate a DJ or a band to create the right musical atmosphere
And do you know where to find that:

Little boutique or fashion designer for your wedding dress or attire
Florist who will advise on compositions from the church to the reception
Vintage car, limousine, carriage or other form of transport you may desire
Decorator who will turn a reception room into your dream room….
Special romantic place for your wedding night

And, and, and…..
Yes the list is long for any event, but for a wedding it can seem endless….

If you feel you need help coordinating  or organising your wedding start by giving me a call for a friendly chat or send me an email…
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